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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the estimate process work?
What will my new deck cost?
Once we agree on a design and price, what is the process to get our deck built??
What does the Trex Pro Platinum Contractor certification mean?
How deep are the footings for our new deck?
Do you recommend attaching the deck to the home?
Do you fasten your deck floors with screws or nails?

How does the estimate process work?

We will contact you to set up an appointment where we meet you at your home to take measurements of the area where the deck will go and discuss with you your plans for that space to create a design.  We carry samples of different products, and share our photo gallery with you as well.  We will provide you with a written price quote and architectural drawing, giving you options for the different materials and options you are interested in.  If you choose us as your builder, we ask for a down payment to be added to our schedule, and the balance will be due upon completion of your deck.  There is no cost for having us come out and meet with you.

What will my new deck cost?

There are three basic variables which control the price of your deck.  First is it's design and size.  The second is the material that you choose for your deck floor and railing.  Lastly, there is our cost to build it for you.  You control the first two elements, we control the third.  It is always our primiary goal to fit your deck project in the budget that you have.   When we meet with you, we will discuss the price ranges you can expect for the deck you want, and make sure that what we build fits your backyard needs and budget.

Once we agree on a design and price, what is the process to get our deck built?

We will assign you a 'construction window' when you can expect your deck to be completed.  Unless there are unforseen circumstances (bad weather), you can expect that the deck will be built in that window of time if not sooner.  We will get the building permit and have your property's utilitles located.  A couple days before we will be coming to build, we will contact you to let you know the expected date we will arrive.  Most projects that we build take 1 – 2 days to complete.  If we start a job one day, we will continue to work until that job is completed, weather permitting.  We will not start a job then leave it in a partial state of completion to go build another.    

What does the Trex Pro Platinum Contractor Certification mean?

Trex has identified the largest contractors in the US and Canada, and ranks them as Pro, Gold and Platinum.  We are the largest Trex builder in the state of Wisconsin in terms of volume of Trex installed, and are the only Platinum builder in the state.  As a Trex Platinum contractor, we receive yearly training at Trex’s facilities and meet with other Platinum contractors throughout the country to discuss and share product information and installation methods used.

How deep are the footings for our new deck?

We dig a 4’ deep hole, approximately 11" wide and place at the bottom a preformed concrete pad.  Our footing then goes into that hole (4x4 or 6x6 for elevated decks), and we backfill with pea gravel.  We prefer that the footings be planted in the ground, as they will be more solid than if we poured a concrete pier.  Having 4' of your footing below ground reduces the amount of movement that footing will have side to side (racking).  

Do you recommend attaching the deck to the home?

Yes, we do recommend attaching, especially in a home 10 years old or newer.  When the home was constructed, excavation was done around your foundation, and the earth around your home will settle for several years.  By attaching to the home, we are able to keep most/all footings away from the house, away from the excavation work.  That allows your deck to be on much stronger ground, and will stay level.

Do you fasten your decks with screws or nails?

It is our preference to screw down deck floors through the deck material into the frame.  Unlike nails, screws can be removed without damaging the floor.  Today's nails are typically screw or ring shank style, meaning they hold as well as a screw but do not come out easily.   We prefer fastening through the floor as It creates one more connection point (floor to frame) which tightens the structure.  There are some ‘hidden’ or clip fastener systems available for most of the composite materials, but most of these floors that we install are screwed down using a composite deck screw.

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